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Why The Grid Agency ?

The Grid Agency was established just after some drivers asked Guillaume and Mathieu personally to help them with their professional careers. Setting up a driver management agency, and let that become an ultimate career goal, was never in their plans initially. Driver friends always highlighted the ideal combination between set of skills and experience they possessed and were required to be legitimate in the business. Therefore, they all insisted Guillaume and Mathieu started assisting them…and what a shame it would have been not to jump in that wagon!


“The Grid is not a full-time job for us. This means we have the power in our hands to be exclusive in choosing the drivers we are working with as well as the activities we are dedicating our time to”. The agency focuses only on young deserving drivers, who have the potential to reach their professional objectives. Moreover, despite the fact that Guillaume and Mathieu have managed to cover most of the essential elements in the business, they are glad they can rely on other experts for certain activities and events. Their partnership network covers every aspect of the career management industry from training, to legal support, to communication. 


The agency fosters cross-fertilisation among their drivers through open forums, regular meetings, and common training sessions, that way disseminating the same clear racing vision between all of them. The main drive is simply to help those good young drivers navigate through the industry and develop a maximum potential in order to achieve the careers they deserve. Thus, fulfilling both their sporting and commercial potentials. 

Meet the team


Guillaume Le Goff

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16 years of experience in Motorsport


  • ART Grand Prix race engineer, 2005-2010: F3, GP3, F2Worked with >10 drivers before they reached F1

  • Co-founder and manager of AOTECH simulator, 2010-2016

  • French F4 championship Sportive & Technical manager since 2011

  • Business Manager at McLaren 2016-2018

  • MSc. Mechanical Engineering- ESTACA 2005/ M.B.A - HEC Paris 2016


Mathieu Zangarelli 

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25 years of experience in Motorsport

  • Racing driver 1996-2010 : F.Renault, F3, FR3.5, GT1, GT3

  • Driver coach 2011-2017: Pierre Gasly, Hubert, Gabriel Aubry


  • Anthoine Hubert F3 Team Manager ART Grand Prix 2018-Present

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