Driver Management

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Career  Management

  • Decide on drivers' career steps in order to accelerate their development and maximise return on investement 

  • Advise on driver's career steps in order to accelerate their development

  • Provide legal support

Performance       Management

  • Ensure drivers are put in the best environment for them to perform 

  • Ensure racing contract deliveries

  • Optimise relationship between driver and corresponding team 

Driver Development

  • Design and deliver tailor made training programs

  • Select and coordinate third-parties' specialists including: 

    • Physiotherapy  

    • Simulator companies

    • Psychologists​​​​​

  • Foster cross-fertilisation among The Grid drivers

Commercial Management

  • Structure partnership contracts

  • Develop media and image strategies to increase commercial value of the driver 

  • Help drivers join the best teams and support contract negotiation

  • Develop and implement merchandising strategies